Industrial Conveyor

We have all kinds of conveyors in this range, from screw type, inclined type to belt type. Selecting a right type of conveyor, customers can quickly and conveniently transport material from one location to another.

Industrial Loader

Buy from us industrial loader to load and unload bulk material to and from the truck. It is mounted on the truck chassis whenever needed. This mobile loader possesses no travel limitation and can be inclined to any angle.

Chain Mill
The Chain Mill, constructed with mild steel and designed as a slat conveyor type, operates seamlessly with a robust chain structure. Its features include reliable material handling, durability, and low maintenance. Offering benefits of efficient processing, it ensures smooth operation in various industries, making it a versatile and indispensable equipment.
Washing Processing Line
The Washing Processing Line, made of stainless steel and categorized as food processors, is versatile for general use. With a customizable capacity and weight, it efficiently produces chip-shaped products. Its features include robust construction, easy maintenance, and adaptable configurations, offering benefits of high throughput and precise washing processes for diverse food industries.
Draag Transport Ketting
Draag Transport Ketting, a slat conveyor type made of mild steel, features an oil-resistant chain structure. With a 6-month warranty, it ensures durability and reliability in various applications. Offering benefits of efficient material transport and resistance to oil, it is a versatile solution for industries requiring robust conveyor systems.
The Vegetable Washing Machine, or washer, is a versatile solution for efficient food processing. With features like adjustable washing intensity and water recycling, it ensures thorough cleaning. Benefits include increased productivity, reduced water consumption, and improved hygiene. Its advantages lie in adaptability, ease of use, and suitability for various vegetables, enhancing overall food safety.
Fabrication Job Work
Fabrication Job Work offers prompt delivery, feasible prices, and high reliability. Benefits include timely project completion, cost-effectiveness, and trust in quality services. Advantages lie in skilled craftsmanship, efficient production processes, and meeting diverse fabrication needs. Common usages include creating customized metal structures, components, and equipment for various industries.
Conveyor Parts

The production and maintenance of conveyor system demand the use of new, replaceable conveyor parts. These parts along with other parts are assembled together to create an operational conveyor system.

SS Belt Conveyor
The SS Belt Conveyor, with a mild steel frame and a slat conveyor type featuring a flat belt, ensures robust performance. Its chain structure enhances stability. Specific features include reliable material handling and versatility. Benefits encompass smooth operation, adaptability, and low maintenance. It finds usage in industries requiring efficient and dependable material transportation.
Bulk Conveyor
The Bulk Conveyor, constructed with a Mild Steel frame, is a robust Type Slat Conveyor with a Chain structure. Its specific features include durability, precision, and low maintenance. With benefits such as efficient material handling and seamless operations, it offers advantages in diverse industries. Ideal for transporting bulk materials, it enhances productivity and streamlines processes.

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